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The Glasney GreenSpace Regeneration Project is all geared up with one aim, well several actually we started with one aim but seem to have added a few, the ultimate aim is to see the Glasney playing field, BMX track and surrounding valley cleaned up and developed into an area EVERYONE wants to and can enjoy!

In it's current state the water-logged playing field is barely accessible for the larger part of the year and in recent weeks we have seen the removal of the dangerous goal posts making the hole laden bmx track, rusty old basketball hoop, a metal mushroom type thing and three solar lights, (that we believe have never worked) , the only objects that make-up the local, 'Recreational', area. Bet you can't wait to come and play huh?!

To date we have managed to get the poor drainage investigated and then funded by section 106 money Phew that was a relief! We have cleared many loads of fly-tipped rubbish from the valley and un-covered beautiful old hand built follies from beneath 30 or so years worth of vegetation! We have even planted 5000 daffodil bulbs to bring 5000 rays of sunshine to everyone who passes through. We have surveys coming our of our ears, shoulders as wide as the river and all of us know how to handle a shovel and a poop scoop. We know the project is big, and getting bigger but with the growing support of the community coupled with a dedicated and passionate team of GGSRP'rs we fully intend to see the largest, oldest and most beautiful green space in Penryn a place we can be proud of.
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